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Cameron Postforoosh is an American artist whose career spans fashion, photography and film. Growing up outside of Seattle, skateboarding was his first medium. The concept of performing tricks that surprise and delight became ingrained in him — and is the thinking he applies to art. 


Distinctly, Cameron shoots with an 8x10 inch large format film camera. While the Polaroids for the camera have been discontinued for decades, he regularly sources preserved film. It creates an instant image of a subject that they can reveal — by pulling open the Polaroid — while on set. It speaks to one of his primary objectives: transforming photography into a performance art. 


His aesthetic is quirky and odd, and mixes historic mediums with futuristic concepts. The goal, always, is to create unexpected but recognizable imagery. When shooting talent, he likes to incorporate their personal memorabilia for new scenes with a distinct sense. A current love of his are short films, and his sights are set on a gallery show and a zine or book in the near future.


Cameron is commissioned for most work in New York, Paris, London and Los Angeles, so that’s where he spends his time. He drinks his coffee black and tries to call his parents every day.

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